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Frontier Region

Competitions Committee

The Frontier Competitions Committee oversees Club competitions in the ACR3 Region. This region includes the Rocky Mountain and Mid America GU's.

CR Competitions Committee Responsibilities

  • Determine, based upon parameters set forth by National Competitions Committee (as approved by the Club Strategic Committee and Rugby Committee), the number of teams that will compete at each Division within the CR

  • Determine the promotion/relegation system (if applicable) that will be utilized at each division

  • Determine the schedule of competition within the CR

  • Determine the pathway that will be utilized at each Division for crowning the competing team/teams that will advance to the USA Rugby National playoffs and certify that minimum requirements have been met by the advancing teams from their CR.

  • Additional responsibilities as assigned by National Competitions Committee.

Click for Link to Minutes from Committee Meetings

Competitions Committee Representatives

Rocky Mountain Men DII

Mid America Men DII

Rocky Mountain Men DIII

Mid America Men DIII

Rocky Mountain Women

Mid America Women

Rocky Mountain Referee

Mid America Referee

Men's 7 

Women's 7

At Large (at discretion of Chair.)