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Return to Play for COVID 19

COVID 19 Information

Return to Play Fall 2021

In order for the match to be “sanctioned” it must meet the below criteria: 

Participating Teams must be registered with USAR ( club , players, coaches ) - this is a liability issue and will be no exceptions!

  •  All Teams in a match must be in Stage 5 of ‘Return to Play’ 
  • A team in a State / Region not allowing Stage 5 of Return to Play, may not travel to another area and play !  
  • All compliance documentation must be approved to the applicable Men’s / Women's  Executive Director prior to referee assignments. 
  • Match Official must be obtained by contacting GU Director and MARRS. ‘Home Club  referees’ will not be compensated unless assigned by MARRS! 
  • Return to play protocols and Safety measure must be adhered to. 

College  Men's and Women’s clubs should follow their college's guidance and Division regulations.

Coaches and Administrators should take the Covid-19 World Rugby Course ( not  required as yet )