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Return to Play Spring 2021

In order for the match to be “sanctioned” it must meet the below criteria: 

Participating Teams must be registered with USAR ( club , players, coaches ) - this is a liability issue and will be no exceptions!

  •  All Teams in a match must be in Stage 5 of ‘Return to Play’ 
  • A team in a State / Region not allowing Stage 5 of Return to Play, may not travel to another area and play !  
  • All compliance documentation must be approved to the applicable Men’s / Women's  Executive Director prior to referee assignments. 
  • Match Official must be obtained by contacting GU Director and MARRS. ‘Home Club  referees’ will not be compensated unless assigned by MARRS! 
  • Return to play protocols and Safety measure must be adhered to. 

College  Men's and Women’s clubs should follow their college's guidance and Division regulations.

Coaches and Administrators should take the Covid-19 World Rugby Course ( not  required as yet )

GU Rugby Administrator Position Posting

Summary: Mid-America Rugby Football Union (MARFU), is seeking for a  

GU Rugby Administrator to join our team and provide professional project  

administrative support to the GU Executive Board and MARFU.  

The GU Administrator will, in collaboration with the MARFU board of directors, create and implement  the organization’s strategic plan. As the GU Administrator, you will utilize all available resources, in cluding existing personnel, processes and systems that range from the USA Rugby National Office,  Club Council, to the individual players with local rugby organizations. In so doing, you will help facili tate and implement programs at the local level, while supporting growth at the Mid-America level.  

Date Posted: April 2, 2021  

Closing date for applications: May 2, 2021

Senior Club Council Statement on Championships

The following statement was endorsed 
 by the Senior Club Council last week. 


Please share with your member clubs:


"Due to the ongoing pandemic and the timing of vaccine availability nationwide, the Senior Club Rugby National Council has elected to forego the formal organization of competitions towards a 2021 XVs National Championship event. Moving forward, the council is committed to the development of models for inter-union competition to provide a XVs championship structure for interested constituents.

This announcement does not affect any planning for a 2021 7s National Championship event. Preparation for a 2021 7s National Championship event will continue with the guidance of health officials until it is otherwise unreasonable or impracticable to organize. More information regarding 7s is to follow."

Rick Humm, Council Secretary

How to register your Mid-America GU Club

How to register your Mid-America GU Club

You must first email the following information to Sean Cox so that your club can be set up with an Admin!!!!

email :

1) Club Name

2) Administrators name for club ( full name )

3) Admin User Name ( what they would like the Username to appear as )

4) Email for administrator

These will be set up as they come in so that clubs can register. Once that is done clubs can follow the directions below to register. Please allow 24 hours for this to be entered.

For TEAM REGISTRATION To register your team(s) for the new season:

1. Login to your Sportlomo account (Sportlomo Sports Manager ) this is where you need the Admin username and Password 

2. Under “Events,” select “Purchase Events”

3. Select USA RUGBY TEAM AFFILIATION FEES “Buy,” and then Continue (this will show as a $0 fee)

4. Enter in your information, and select Save

5. Enter in the quantities for each team you are registering ($50/team) and select Calculate Cost

6. Enter in your teams name, and select Save

7. Complete your billing details, and select Save

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